About the film

Australian International Pictures has announced the premiere of a new one hour documentary about South Australia’s famous Somerton Man “body on the beach” case which remains unsolved after 70 years.

Filmmakers Wayne Groom and Dr Carolyn Bilsborow have spent the past 18 months in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide interviewing:

  • ASIO historians and experts
  • Detectives who worked on the case in 1948
  • An eyewitness who discovered the body but was never questioned by police
  • Family and friends of the mysterious nurse at the centre of the case

“Missing Pieces: The Curious Case of the Somerton Man” premieres to a sell-out audience at the Mercury Cinema on Thursday 23 August 2018.

The film’s premiere is the biggest collection of Somerton Man authorities ever gathered in one place, including:

  • Gerry Feltus, author of the book “The Unknown Man”
  • Professor Derek Abbott, University of Adelaide, who extensively researched the case
  • John K. Ruffels, (NSW) who performed original research on the case in the 1970’s

The documentary reveals hitherto unknown information about the nurse and her “relationship” with Somerton Man, startling eyewitness accounts of the discovery of the body and new facts regarding Somerton Man’s possible connection with the South Australian racing industry.