This page includes a range of reviews of the film:

An excellent summary and introduction to the case. As someone on the other side of the planet, I appreciated seeing some of the faces, voices and places which have just been photos or names. And Derek’s sheepish look at proposing after three days. Recommended! – Barry Traish on Missing Pieces Facebook Page

An excellent film … flawless!
– Peter Goers, Evenings on ABC Radio

I attended the “Missing Pieces” premier at the Mercury Theatre, Adelaide recently. Standing room only. And then another theatre had to be booked for the overflow crowd. Excellent production by Wayne and Carolyn. The more information that comes to light, the more we are reminded that the person found at the foot of the steps onto Somerton Beach, was a human being, with real family and real feelings. RIP the Somerton Man. Well done both of you, and to Derek Abbott and all the others involved. Recommend the Vimeo/DVD.

– John Ruffels on Identifying the Somerton Man Facebook Group

I know a lot about the case and it was great to see this through the eyes of my friend who is new to it and found the movie fascinating. I enjoyed the interviews, especially with the museum archivist and learning more about ‘Jestyn’. Hopefully the body can be exhumed soon and the DNA will solve this almost 70 year old mystery.
– Renée Nazy on Missing Pieces Facebook Page